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Tuition - Casting is the essence of successful fly-fishing. Whether it's to achieve the perfect presentation or the satisfaction of the line landing gently and precisely on the water. So, whether you're new to casting and learning from scratch, or an old hand trying to get out of bad habits, Brett's experience can make all the difference.

How much? Tuition, either individual or on a group basis is charged by the hour and will take place near Stockbridge.

The minimum session is two hours, unless by special arrangement and costs £60 per hour.

Groups of 2 or more are charged £75 per hour.


Casting techniques using a single handed rod can involve: 

Overhead, Roll, Double Haul, Jump Roll, Single Spey, Circle Spey, Snap T, Double Spey, Snake Roll casts, presentation casts. Instruction will cover all wind conditions.


Casting using a double handed rod - Overhead, Roll, Jump Roll, Single Spey, Circle Spey, Snap T, Double Spey and Snake Roll. Further information on using Scandi and Skagit techniques are also available. Instruction will cover all wind conditions.


The Spey Cast - The Spey cast is merely a roll cast preceded by a change of direction. Learning to Spey Cast involves learning two other casts first, The Roll Cast and the Jump Roll Cast. It is learning to do these two casts correctly that makes learning to Spey Cast so much easier. The Double Spey Cast can easily be taught in one session, and this is usually included when teaching the Single Spey Cast, or Circle Spey.


What do you expect from a fly fishing lesson? It is important to consider what it is you want to achieve from a lesson. So before the lesson begins, we’ll make sure that we both know which targets we will realistically be setting ourselves. How quickly you achieve this, will determine the amount of lessons needed. It is vitally important for both beginners and experienced casters to practice in between lessons to enable them to get the most out of the lessons.


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