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Now residing in Hampshire, Brett’s fascination with the sport has led him to fish all over the UK and the rest of the world: from Ireland to Iceland, and as far afield as New Zealand, Seychelles, Kenya, South Africa, USA, Belize, Cuba, Russia, Mexico and Argentine Patagonia.


Brett specialises in both fly-casting and fly-fishing tuition. This can range from a two hour one-to-one lesson, to a group session or even a group adventure to the furthest corners of the earth in search of our piscatorial friends.


So whether you’d like to start from scratch, brush up on your technique, learn to cast a fly in the right place, cast around obstacles, cast the fly as far as you can, or just catch more fish, we’re sure Brett can help.


Visit our Casting Tuition section for more details.


Brett is a holder of the Salmon and Trout Association’s National Instructors Certificate (STANIC) and a licensed coach under the government’s scheme - all of which he achieved before the tender age of 30.


Since then, Brett has done on to become an AAPGAI MASTER instructor in both single-handed (Trout/Sea trout) and double-handed (Salmon) disciplines. This is

a highly prestigious and difficult to attain UK qualification.


Brett brings with him a vibrant and enthusiastic way of teaching the art of fly-casting.


He is more than happy to introduce youngsters to the sport too, so long as they are accompanied by an adult. Many fishers think there is some sort of magic associated with casting a fly rod. Brett soon dispels this myth, with his patient and simplified manner of casting the fly.


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