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The FlyFishery

Situated on the River Lambourn and the gin clear lake of Donnington Grove Hotel and country club

The Fishery
The River Lambourn rises in the Berkshire Downs, just above the famous racing village from which it takes its name. It then flows for some 16 miles more or less directly southeast until it joins the River Kennet at Newbury.

Often overlooked the Lambourn is truly very special; it is one of the few chalkstreams that has absolutely no abstraction and has the coldest water of any in southern England.


Gin-clear and fast flowing this Berkshire gem is the perfect stream in which wild brown trout and grayling thrive. The latter are famously hard to catch, which led legendary river keeper and creator

of the Pheasant Tail Nymph, Frank Sawyer to turn down many an invite on the grounds that they were “too darned hard to catch”.


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